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We reover your important data. Data & Information are most important assets for not only companies but also individuals. It's important to take data backup, but it's easily forgotten in reality. if memory for digital cameras and hard drive of computer are corrupted, it will lead to great loss.

In this kind of situation we can recover data by using high technology data recovery services to minimuze your losss. We also support Japanese data, and price is also very reasonable rather than recovering data in Japan. And we respond promptly. Please let us know before giving up.

Available Media

We will respond following media of physical damage, logical failure and disorders, firmware disorders.

Various Hard Drive(1?1.8?2.5?3.5?5?IDE SCSI, SATA etc.)
External Hard Disk(USB, FireWire)
NAS(LAN Connection) Drive
Raid System 5,6,1,0,3,4
Various DVD
Various MO
USB Flash Memory
Semiconductor Memory(SD,XD,Compact flash etc)

(*)Kiindly contact us even if not in above list.

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