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We will provide reliable Mail & Web Hosting Service.
According to needs we provide varioous options, and high security Service.

Web Hosting

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Free Domain Name Registration and DNS Management
FTP Access
Linux/Windows Server's Hosting
We provide PHP5 and MySQL Database access
Fulltime surveilance and security.

Periodically Data backup and Recovery Service
handled by experienced UNIX Administrators

Network fail over system which has redundancy.
Comfortable hosting based on high speed 200MB backbone.
co-location inside secured data center of latest technology class.
UPS(Uninterruptible Power Source) equipped

Mail Hosting

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Mail Address which you can use as own domain name.
Mail Server is secured by frequient virus check.

You can increase and decrease Mail Box Size later stage.

If you think that you want to use Own Domain Name for e-mail address rather than using the address specified by the providor , we recommed our service.

In addition, our service provide thorough antivirus protection. Before virus reaches your pc, it shuts out virus in Mail Server. It protects not only receiving but also sending, therefore you can avoid loss of customer trust caused by infected e-mail sent by your pc.

Mail Server can take care of the Management for definition updates of Anti-virus software by decreasing administrative overhead.

Mail server management can be outsourceed, therfore specialized skilled administrators are not required.

Anti Spam

Are you tired of junk mail delivered daily ? Spam Mail shoud not be ignored by calling it "sick". It accumulates in huge piles and damages companies !

We have been providing services in the following two stages in Spam measures.

SPAM Filtering (Declude Antispam)

Server-side filtering by WEB-based email management software,this can prevent unwanted junk mail in Mail Server side.We provide cheap services to each individual account

Quarantine Report(MXLogic Antispam)

In case of SPAM Filtering alone, each user has to login separately to their Web Mail Account and requires regular handling of email qurantine report. However MXLogic Antispam detemines whether Spam mail is judged in another quarantile server before reaching Mail Server. If Spam Mail is judged, It forwards the email as a quaratine report once it is isolated. When you see quarantine report, you can determine the necessary requirements, You can prevent overflow of Mail Box in Mail Server by piling of Spam Mail, and if quarantine report is not necessary to be checked, quaratined mails are erased automatically after few days without having to do anything. Threfore it is effortless.

We provide cheap services to each individual account.

Mail Backup Service

Have you experienced data loss caused by hard disk crashes without any backup of the mail? Our mail Hosting Service provides the functiionality of taking backup for one year or two year at a bargain price. We provide backup of not only received mail but also sent ones.

Exchange Server Hosting Service

We provide hosting Service for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Especially it is not necessary to have Server in own LAN, and it also eliminates the need to purchase Exchange Server Software separately. You can share your shedule with Company.

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